Multi-Purpose Building Groundbreaking in Barangay Cigaras, Magdalena, Laguna

A significant event unfolded in Barangay Cigaras, Magdalena, Laguna, as the groundbreaking ceremony for a multi-purpose building took place. Supervised by the DPWH District Engineering Office 1 of Laguna, the initiative was spearheaded by the TGP Party-List under the leadership of Deputy Majority Leader, Congressman Bong Joson Teves Jr. Mayor Peter Bucal, along with other local government officials, actively participated in the ceremony, showcasing their commitment to community development.

The ceremony marked a crucial step forward in the efforts to enhance infrastructure and community facilities in Barangay Cigaras. With the support of both national and local government entities, the construction of the multi-purpose building promises to serve various needs of the community, ranging from social gatherings to emergency response activities. This collaborative effort reflects a shared vision for progress and welfare, highlighting the importance of partnership between government agencies and local leaders in advancing the well-being of the people.





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