TGP Party-List and DSWD NCR AICS Pay-Out in Parañaque

In a collaborative effort spearheaded by Deputy Majority Leader and TGP Party-List Representative Bong Joson Teves Jr. together with DSWD FO NCR, a significant event unfolded in Parañaque. The initiative aimed to facilitate the payout of assistance to 400 individuals from Districts 1 and 2. Under the watchful eye of the DSWD, this endeavor was made possible through the coordination of Triskelion Bro. Councilors Raffy Dela Peña, Allen Tan, and Vandolf Quizon.

Cong. Bong Joson Teves Jr.’s leadership ensured the smooth execution of the payout, which directly benefited numerous recipients within the community. With the support of the DSWD and collaboration among local leaders, the event marked a crucial step in providing assistance to those in need.





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