TGP Partylist Consultative Meeting Unites Mindoro Occidental Leaders

Calintaan, Mindoro Occidental recently hosted the Consultative meeting uniting Triskelion members and leaders from different areas. Triskelion Bro. Mayor Dante Esteba, along with Triskelion Bro. PGO Executive Assistant June Lee and Triskelion councils, organized the event. Deputy Majority Leader and TGP Party-List Cong. Bong Joson Teves Jr. shared an inspiring message, emphasizing unity. The focus was on the TGP Party-List’s Assistance Program, designed to help communities in Mindoro Occidental.

The assembly provided a platform for leaders to discuss and support the TGP Party-List’s initiatives, emphasizing community welfare. Through collaboration and coordination, the event aimed to strengthen ties among leaders for the betterment of Mindoro Occidental.





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