TGP Partylist Joins the 1st Marikina Triskelion Council Reorientation and Capacity Building Event

TGP Party-List joined the 1st Marikina Triskelion Council reorientation and capacity-building event. The MTC hosted this event focusing on personal growth, family well-being, and fraternity. Led by Deputy Majority Leader and TGP Party-List Representative, Cong. Bong Joson Teves Jr. supported the gathering, with its Congressional Staffers conveying greetings and highlighting the TGP Party-List commitment to community welfare. They emphasized Social Services and Assistance programs, including Medical, Educational, and Burial Assistance, aiming to provide support and aid during times of need. This showcased the TGP Party-List and Cong. Bong Joson Teves Jr.’s dedication to uplifting individuals and communities.





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